We are able to provide quality translations at very competitive rates. Our team are on hand to meet the tightest deadlines and we also offer fast service for small documents. All work is treated in strict confidence. Our extensive team of qualified and experienced translators enables us to offer translations of any subject in all major European language combinations.

By adding electronic speed to our broad network of translators and our flexible and personal attitude, we can ensure on-time delivery of all assignments.

What is a translation?

By translation we understand rendering of a text from one language (source language) into another (target language). Requesting a translation service client may choose from a wide range of translation services depending on nature of the text, target audience, quality requirements and, last but not the least, the available budget.

Types of translation services

Depending on type of the text that needs to be translated, intended purpose of translation, urgency, and other requirements you can choose from a number of available translation services. Our Project Managers would be happy to discuss your translation needs and offer the type of service which best suits your requirements.

Expert translation

Expert translation is a translation where the price of any mistake or omission can be very high, as, for instance, in translation of pharmaceutical materials intended for general public, or where the text is so highly specific that it requires an expert of a specialist in the particular field to translate the text and ensure correct terminology. Such expert should also have appropriate translation experience thought he or she may not necessarily be a linguist, however the expert should be a native speaker of the target language. The resulting translation should be edited by professional editors/linguists and proofed by a QA specialist before final delivery to the client.

Examples of texts
Highly specialised texts like industrial patents, scientific or medical publications. Expert translation can be also used for localisation of software or multimedia materials.

Professional translation

This translation is characterized by high quality and use of appropriate terminology and is usually carried out by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and possess adequate qualifications and experience in translating texts pertaining to a specific area. The consistency of terminology for returning clients is achieved through the use of automated translation tools and/or maintenance of specific glossaries, as well as the use of the same translators and editors for each project from the same client. Translation is edited by professional editor and proofed by a QA specialist.

Examples of texts
Financial documents, laws and regulations, legal and court documentation, insurance documents, technical manuals, user guides, expert reports, etc.

Transcreation or Creative translation

This type of translation is mostly used to translate fiction, literary texts, magazine articles, and marketing materials, when client needs not a literal translation but rather adaptation into target language so that the resulting text wouldn’t sound like translation at all. In the process the translator can omit or add words to translate the ideas and thoughts rather than words and letters so that the final text has good style and sounds absolutely natural in the target language.

Examples of texts
Fiction, magazine or newspaper articles, marketing and advertising materials, tourist guides, various promotion materials, etc.

Standard translation

This is the most common and cost-effective type of translation which is used for translation of personal or corporate internal documentation, agreements, legal documents, certificates, technical specifications, tender documents, design materials, etc. The translation is carried out by a professional translator who may not be a native speaker of the target language but should be a proficient user of this language capable of translating to near native level. Such translations are usually proofed by another linguist or QA specialist.

Examples of texts
Private and commercial documents, certificates, specifications, guides, contracts, tender documentation, product catalogues, etc.

Express translation

Express translation is usually required in case of very tight deadlines when there is no time or need for translation proper. Client often needs just the gist of the source text to enable him or her to understand the general meaning for a quick response or decision-making. The translation may be quite adequate but have some deficiencies in terms of style and specific terminology.

Examples of texts
Texts for internal use only, correspondence, letters, user feedback, notes and comments, etc.

Cost of translation

The cost of translation depends on the type of required translation, deadlines, language combination, etc. If you need an urgent translation of highly specialized text – for instance, a medical document, this may come at a cost. As was mentioned earlier the price would vary for a translation intended for private or internal use and for text designed for publication. There may be cases when the cost of mistake in translation can be very high when one mistake or omission may jeopardize the company reputation or even cause financial losses or claims by third parties.

We would be pleased to provide a quotation for your translation needs. Please use the Quotation request form in the Contacts section of this website, send us an email or simply make a call.

Why us?

We have been around for 15 years and have gained extensive experience in translation of the most varied documentation – from simple certificates to multipage technical manuals, witness statements, travel guides, etc. You can stay assured that we would do everything possible to meet your requirements and to ensure high quality translation of your documents at most competitive rates within the agreed timeframe.

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